Dimension # 3 – Community


There are 4 components to the Community:

1. Environment 2. Career 3. $ & Finance 4. Ego – Fitness – Vanity

You can learn all about them in the books.

– Indirectly related to body and physiology
– Mostly developed/do not keep
– Ego and appearance
– Compare and compete
– Family/home/friends/career
– Earthly
– Illusions of Self and identity
– Tools to improve Self

Here is where most people think their identity lies. This is an illusion, even though society may label them as such. It is not what someone does for a living, but how they do these things that creates a Self, and then a true identity in the community.
If one is lucky, then a career and family blatantly encourages the righteous path and provides a place to practice their divine lessons. However, for most people a career can feel far from righteous, or at least that is what it seems like.
If someone is in a horrific job or family, then suffering is probably on their divine agenda and that phase is being acted out appropriately. This is also an opportunity to practice divine skills, albeit in a much harsher environment than the person in an “ideal” career or family.

Both examples (ideal and harsh) are merely environments a person can grow in. This also goes for beauty and fitness. They are not who a person really is, yet people in low level jobs or low fitness levels are still constantly being looked down upon as lesser people.


Ego and survival is why. People feel better when they compare themselves to those who have ‘less” and they feel worse compared to people who have “more.”

The solution is to think in terms of enlightenment and interconnectedness instead of identities and comparisons. This will ensure an enriching path that keeps the Self headed toward its potential.