5 Tips for Relieving Back Pain

  1. If you have been sitting for longer than 5 minutes, make sure you do some back extension movements before you lift things, i.e. boxes, kids, groceries. This will help push the discs away from the spinal cord and create space for safer movement.
  2. Prop yourself up on your elbows while lying on your stomach a few times per day to relocate the disc back to a more natural position. When we sit the discs are forced backwards towards the spinal cord and nerves and therefore can cause painful symptoms.
  3. Use a lumbar support when you sit. This will keep the natural curve going and prevent the spaces that hold nerves from narrowing.
  4. Use arm rests when you are at the desk. They now will take the weight of the arms instead of the low back. That could be 10-20 pounds!
  5. Create length throughout your spine as often as possible. You can do this simply by trying to make yourself taller/longer in just about any position you are in. Keep your abdominals active to support spinal stability and lengthen through the back of your neck.