Muscle Pain

If you have pain, then chances are your muscles are involved and maybe even 100% responsible for it.

The good news is that Chris, the owner of Got Function, is known as the “Muscle Whisperer” to his clients and has a unique talent for getting to the bottom of just about any pain, especially if it’s muscular or joint pain.

The bad news is, well, there really isn’t any as long as you are willing to come in for an evaluation and put some time into specific daily activity modifications aimed at improving your situation.

Unlike most doctors, Chris has spent almost 30 years studying the muscles and their pain patterns while successfully practicing soft-tissue techniques and implementing medical exercise programs for over 20,000 clients.

He has learned that no matter what causes pain, bringing the body back into its most balanced muscular state will allow painful symptoms to subside and other issues to resolve naturally. Clinical research also supports these findings.

Please do not believe that rest alone can help your situation or even worse, anti-inflammatories. These are proven to PROLONGE healing.

The secret to a full recovery, which includes preventing it from happening again, is balancing the muscles and joints surrounding key areas and learning what and what not to do on a daily basis.

This is done with specific stretches, exercises, and daily activity modifications (DAM’s) that balance tension and create coordination in the body.


  • Most of the time, up to 75%, the source of soft tissue pain is not at the site of the pain. Trigger points can refer pain all the way down the extremities and up into the head.
  • Trigger points are a common cause of muscle and joint pain and have known referral patterns throughout the entire body.
  • Balancing tension in the muscles and joints can relieve pain and get rid of trigger points.
  • Better posture leads to more energy, better digestion, less aches and pains, and much much more.
  • Muscle pain can persist as long as the habits that created it persist.
  • Muscle pain can vanish as soon as the habits that created it vanish.
  • Injured muscles do not tend to fully recover on their own.
  • Muscles repair themselves with scar tissue, which has less blood flow and range of motion due to thicker fibers in the “scar”.
  • It is possible to better align this scar tissue and improve its function with movement and massage.

If you are self-motivated and ready to take health into your own hands, then Chris can help you.
Whether it’s through Pain Release Techniques , Medical Exercise or DAM’s,  Chris will show you the way back to a pain-free life, for good.

The goal at Got Function is to work with your specific goals and focus on what makes your pain worse, and what makes it better.

It is known that if you consistently do more of what makes it better than what makes it worse, you will get better, every time.

Chris does not care about sets and reps in the gym – he cares if you can go through all aspects of life while allowing your muscles to heal as fast and efficiently as possible. If that means teaching you how to operate in the gym, at home, in the office, in the plane, car, walking the dog, everywhere and anywhere, then that’s what your program will focus on.

It is not unusual to find that your pain will instantly disappear once certain habits improve, and that’s without even balancing the muscles! However, balancing the muscles is what will keep the pain from coming back again.