Pain Management

Welcome to one of the Bay Area’s most unique and effective pain management centers.  While most centers and clinics specialize in how to use drugs, exercise protocols, shots or surgery to treat painful dysfunctions, Chris’ focus is using his hands and creating holistic programs for sub-acute and chronic populations that are ready to take health into their own hands and learn proven, self-treatment strategies that drastically reduce and often eliminate pain, forever – no joke.

Based on over 23 years experience and four apprenticeships with physical therapists, a functional medicine doctor, chiropractors and an acupuncturist,  Chris uses a detailed and cutting edge evaluation to get to the root of your pain and has a gift for solving even the most puzzling dysfunctions. The best part of Got Function is that Chris is up to date on the latest pain management strategies and has the ability to use bodywork, neuroscience education, visualization exercises, corrective exercise and nutrition strategies to eliminate pain, for good.


  • A magnet for self-motivated people like you who have not responded well to other treatment programs.
  • Over 23 years of clinical experience in spinal post-rehabilitation, pain management, and medical exercise programs.
  • A rare mix of clinical experience and the ability to take you to your highest potential in all aspects of health and fitness.
  • A place that will do whatever it takes to get you better; if Chris is unable to help you, he will refer you to one of his off-site connections.
  • Well rounded in all aspects of healing; bodywork, exercise, nutrition, and stress management techniques.
  • A fun, safe and uplifting environment for everyone.
  • A reliable source for helping people reach their potential.
  • Knowledgeable about your condition, including; knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, tendonitis, headaches, hip pain, bursitis, repetitive stress, plantar fasciatis, tennis elbow, sprained ankles, recovering from surgies and more.
  • Based on scientific evidence and proven methods.
  • Chris practices what he preaches, and unlike most doctors, has overcome chronic pain, exercises routinely and follows healthy habits.


  • A stuffy office or therapy clinic.
  • Licensed physicians or doctors who diagnose.
  • A crutch that you will need to depend on.
  • Focused on drugs or surgery.
  • Limited by protocols.
  • Narrow minded or stuck in our own ways; if it’s not working, we will correct and continue or refer.
  • Inexperienced. Chris has been the director of two separate clinics for post-rehab and pain management and owns and operates Got Function.

Got Function offers a post-rehab and pain management combination that is hard to find. Not only can Chris assess which areas need the most attention for you, he can also tailor your program to meet your specific needs. In other words, if you are a runner and suffer from low back pain, Chris will work with you on ways to improve your pain AND still run

Because of his extensive experience with athletes, Chris always finds a way to keep his clients active while they are on the mend! He does this by utilizing the three tools below – PRT, medical exercise and daily activity modifications (D.A.M.’s).


Pain Release Techniques® (PRT)
PRT is performed by and was created by Chris Hallford. It is a combination of various bodywork techniques, such as trigger point release, myofascial release, activation techniques, PNF techniques, cranial sacral technique and more, plus an interactive assessment that teaches clients 1) where pain/tension spots (usually trigger points and fascial adhesions) are commonly located in the body, 2) how to release them, and 3) preventative strategies, exercises, stress management techniques and self PRT for a self-treatment  program to gain and maintain optimum functioning. A PRT session is typically 30 minutes and includes:

  1. assessment (5-15 min)
  2. pain release techniques (15-25 min)
  3. brief instruction on any corrective exercises and program details (2-5 min)
  4. handouts of specific exercises and education topics
  5. functional program of stretching, daily activity modifications, strengthening exercises, and nutrition education, all of which are summarized and described in handouts



Chris is  a certified medical exercise specialist and has extensive training in dealing with every single injury and surgery that is possible. This training is specifically for people who are recovering from injury, in pain, or have compensations and dysfunctions related to old pain and injury patterns. As with every other program at Got Function, this training is based on the findings from a detailed assessment. Each session is progressed according to the person’s needs. A physician’s referral is required for all acute and high pain situations.


D.A.M.’s are just what they sound like, but WAY more important than most people realize. Sometime the difference between getting better and not is what posture you sit or sleep in. How you unload the wash machine, or hold your child. Whatever it is, Chris will find which movements or attitudes are holding you back from being pain free, and then teach you ways to improve them.

Read more about how Chris can help your specific ailment below;