This is an excerpt from Mastering the Universe & Optimum Health – Volume I

What fulfills you? How do you recharge your energy? What relaxes you? What makes you play and feel like a kid again?

What rest is to the body, rejuvenations are to your Self and spirit.

Rejuvenations are breaks from the daily routine that keep the mind, body, and Self fresh and full of new thoughts and ideas.

All work and no play leads to many unhealthy things, but one of the most crucial is mental and spiritual stagnation. The best way to develop new ideas and recharge is to step away from the grind for a moment and expand the mind with something refreshing (this may come in the form of complete relaxation and “nothingness.”)

It is helpful to create a list of rejuvenations that one can relate to and use on a daily basis. These personal rejuvenations can be thought of as outlets in a wall; they are to be plugged into on a weekly basis in order to recharge one’s batteries and keep new and fresh ideas flourishing. Not to mention, they give an energy boost that acts like natural caffeine.

List anything that works for you; yoga, hiking, reading personal development books, vacations, meditating,   charity work, massages, quality time with friends or family, etc.

Have fun with this on a separate piece of paper; draw, use colors, etc.

My Rejuvenation List  looks like this…