If life is a game then why are so many people competing instead of helping each other??

Since when did the law of reciprocation erode into the law of attraction for me me me?

Be of service and you will be served plenty.

Share with others and you will receive more than you could ever accumulate on your own.

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  1. December 22, 2010

    In reference to your blog on Greed, it could be said that capitalism with a collective respect and honor of values that pursue money with the goal of helping others and with moderation is a very good system. However, we no longer have this healthy respect for the system. The pursuit of money has become the goal in itself. The selfless man has been overtaken by the selfish man. And people now admire this? As the runaway train continues to gain momentum, the rich get wealthier and the have-nots starve. Will war and revolution not be far behind? A wellness approach toward remedying this grave social ill is to pursue more noble goals again. How can this possibly occur without restoring the reign of Christ the King? Keep praying and Merry Christmas.

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