Dimension # 1 – Body


There are 4 components to the Body:

1. Nutrition 2. Movement/Exercise 3. Rest 4. Vitals & Risk Factors

You can learn all about them in the books.

– Secondary source of health and happiness
– Born with/develop/do not keep
– Personal/individual
– Physical body
– Earthly
– Manifestation of Self

Here is where most people are stuck, controlled by their ego and trying to attain some sort of satisfaction through various acts of fitness, eating and lifestyle habits. Unfortunately these acts are often compulsive and unhealthy.
On the other hand, others completely ignore this category and let their physical health deteriorate into chronic and serious diseases.
As usual, balance and moderation are key. The physical dimension of health is absolutely essential to nurture and take care of, as long as it is one’s Self, not the ego running the show.

The “rest” component in this dimension is how the Self nurtures the physical body; without such time together the two dimensions cannot fully integrate and the mind-body-spirit potential is diminished.

A person truly becomes healthy once their competitive nature burns out and their focus turns to self discovery and selfless behaviors. This is most often later in life (or many life times) when wisdom is blossoming.

This is not to say that all of one’s time spent being competitive and compulsive is a waste, because it is not. In fact it is essential and part of the journey. These experiences give a person the tools needed to make wise decisions when the time is right.