The Nike Women’s Marathon – October 17, 2010

My Nike Women’s Marathon…
experience was so AWESOME that I just had to tell you about it. For those who don’t know, I help coach the South Bay Team In Training team this year, and this past Sunday, October 17th, the Nike Women’s full and half marathons took place. They always sell out with at least 20,000 people who run the race and 1000’s of supporters along the sides of the road cheering their heads off in the cool, damp and often drizzling weather. 
These supporters are the heart and soul of this race.  Along with the scenery, the course we ran was a tourist’s dream route in seeing everything San Francisco has to offer in buildings, bridges, parks and crazy amazing people everywhere.

The common theme for this race is having a cause. Whether it was raising money and increasing awareness for cancer or having a goal time to achieve, everyone seemed to be focused on finishing no matter what got in their way.

What people gain from overcoming adversity to finish this race is the ability to endure tough times, doubts and struggles. These attributes are the same ones needed in life to battle through this economy, health struggles and anything else that will require personal growth.

This race reminded me that when great people come together, hope can be actualized. Nike has raised over $150 million for leukemia with just this SF women’s run since it started, and that money goes on to change so many lives for the better. During the race you will see these people along the side lines cheering YOU on. They love you for what you are doing and support the runners who support them. It is like a community you won’t find anywhere else.

This brings me back to the reason I wanted to share my experience with you, the cause. Nooo, not their cause or my cause, YOUR cause. Life is so much richer when we have a cause. Whether its beating cancer, coaching, donating time to charities, finding something that encourages you to be in line with your cause will help keep you going when times are tough. So please, do yourself a huge favor and start looking for what fulfills you beyond your imagination if you aren’t already. It could be simply being a spectator at the next local race and cheering on all the participants.

Here are my top 3 moments of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon;

1. Watching the woman I ran with break down into tears as she crossed the finish line and realized that all of her hard work had paid off and she was finished!

2. The orange slices handed out in the middle of the race as we went up a hill. YUM. It was the aroma that picked everyone up and gave us energy to continue even stronger. BTW, check out my monthly special for free essential orange oil to help pick you up at work!

3. Witnessing how many good people we have here in the Bay Area and all over our country. We have some of the best people on the planet right here in the Bay Area, all willing to donate their time to help others.

Please let me know if you would like help finding your cause (I have a lot of great connections in the Bay Area) or would like to train for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon next year; I would love to help you.

Receiving all of the love and genuine “red carpet” treatment.

Even more motivation to finish the race: Silver Tiffany necklaces which served as the medals handed out by local firemen donned in tuxedos.