How to Beat and Prevent SINUS INFECTIONS!

It’s that time of year again. I just saw the first blossoms of the year in the bay area, cherry I think. These trees DESTROY my sinuses! Until now I have hated these trees because they have made me suffer for weeks at a time with major headaches, sinus infections, faucet nose, stuffy head, and more. 

cherry-blossom image

I am happy to say that I have learned from my experiences and now have an ALL-NATURAL plan that works to fight against the infections and suffering that all these allergins cause. It is nothing new. Nothing fancy. But if you prescribe to advertising and main stream marketing it is a breath of fresh air because the only answer they seem to sell is some crazy drug aimed at killing bacteria once you have the infection. 

So in case you have not heard the old saying, here it is again; “An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of CURE.” This is the SECRET with sinus infections. Attack it before it takes over. If you can stop the bacteria (allergin accumulation) from multiplying in your sinus cavities, then there will be NO build up and infection! In other words; don’t wait for symptoms; predict the allergy season(s) and treat/prevent it with the method below.  

 1) The Neti Pot (you can find it at health food stores and they come with diretions) – it is essentially a nasal cavity flush with warm salt water. It will keep the sinuses clear of “crud” and build up. 

Neti Pot

2) Essential Oils, specifically Eucalyptus or R.C. blend. I inhale these straight from the bottle, rub them over my sinuses (puffy part of cheeks), and put 10-20 drops into softly boiled water while inhaling the steam with a towell over my head. These oils have great antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and expectorant properties.  

So if I predict the allergy season right and use these methods I am assured of a smooth ride throught the seasons. If I wait until I already have a sinus infection these methods are only of little help. By then the infection is deeply rooted and will create misery for weeks to come! 

So now, I can actually enjoy these beautifally pink cherry blossoms!