Healthy Lunches

*Try to find as many organic options as possible.

** needs a thermos or to be heated

  1. Apple sandwich w nut butter and Granola and more
  2. Quinoa side dish salad
  3. Sweet potato, yogurt and cooked greens
  4. Fruit on the bottom of greek yogurt cup w Granola and more on top
  5. Bean, bacon & butternut squash soup w chard**
  6. Lentils, rice (basmati, brown or fried rice) and veggies**
  7. Mashed potatoes n Stuff** (either boil and mash, or bake and scoop out and mash with butter, adding shredded skins too. Then add caramelized onions, mushrooms, garlic, paprika, salt, meat, chili and sour cream or cheese
  8. Meat, cheese and crackers, fruit*
  9. Soups/chili/scalloped potatoes/fried rice/leftovers**
  10. Hard boiled eggs, cheese, bacon, Salad, etc.
  11. Fried rice
  12. Roasted squash soup w beans** (can add meat)
  13. Pamesian polenta with eggs
  14. Lettuce wrap sandwiches with leftover meats and veggies, fruit
  15. Leftover meatballs in lettuce wraps
  16. Sushi rolls
  17. Lentil soup w yogurt
  18. Leftover meat with fresh veggie salads and olive oil herb season dressing
  19. Pho soups
  20. Mustard chicken thighs with rice and veggies
  21. Potato salad
  22. Bone broth or broth with gelatin  and veggies + hard boiled eggs and or cheese stick or yogurt
  23. Black beans, Spanish rice, salsa and guacamole
  24. Black bean salad + avocado, cucumber, red pepper, corn, cilantro and olive oil
  25. Steak salads chicken salads, and shrimp salads
  26. Stir fry tofu, veggies and rice
  27. Breadless meat-roll sandwiches …  Cucumber ham/roast beef sandwiches
  28. Leftover Fritatta
  29. Jerky + Granola and more + yogurt +
  30. Crockpot leftovers… Chili-cilantro-lime crock pot chickenchili ColoradoCreamy red shrimp and tomato curry