Blood Types

Let me make one thing clear: I am not a follower of the blood type diet. I am, however, very impressed at how accurate the blood type food lists are for certain people, especially in terms of who does well with meat. That said, I use the blood type food lists as guidelines for finding the best foods for people to thrive on when they aren’t doing so well, rather than use these lists as rules to follow for everyone.

Science* has shown that each of the four blood types, A, B, O and AB have different capabilities when it come to breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

As usual, I didn’t believe it until I tried it. But once I did, I realized that my intuitions about many foods were right on. All of the foods that made me congested and bloated were on my “avoid” list for my blood type.

Once I started following most of the ideal and avoid foods for my blood type, my health and energy instantly shot up and I had never felt better. And this is coming from someone who already ate healthy, just the wrong healthy foods.

I encourage everyone to give these lists a try and see if you notice any differences. I have yet to have a client that these lists did not work very well for.

You can check out each blood type here: O, A, AB, B


*The Blood Type Diet is a registered Trademark of Peter J. D’Adamo, N.D. and this book and blog are not affiliated with or sponsored by Dr. D’Adamo.

** These blood type lists, recipes and meal plans are based in part on the work of Peter D’Adamo, N.D.