WELCOME to Hallford Health!

If optimum health is a goal of yours, then this is exactly where you want to begin. The information laid out on this blog is designed to give you a step by step process to educate yourself and find your weakest health links.

Everything here is part of a complete, holistic program aimed at showing you how to care for all the major areas in your life, including nutrition, exercise, meditation and more.


If you have been searching for balance and energy in your life, than you are going to love the 4-Dimensions of Optimum Health and their 14 components – every aspect of health is covered here, along with strategies for juggling each of them in a way that brings out the best in your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical Self.


Step # 1 – Realize that improving your health to its potential takes time, patience, education, dedication and a realization that enriching your Self is the most important factor in health, always.

Step # 2 – Define what health is for YOU. If you need help with this, Mastering the Universe & Optimum Health Volume I has some great incites on how to do it, as does the How to Reset your Metabolism.

Step # 3 – Look over the 4-Dimensions and their 14 components and decide where your weakest health areas are;  these are where your focus should be. List all 14 components in order from your strongest to weakest, then start with your weakest link by choosing from the appropriate tools below. Once you have momentum in the right direction for that component, move onto the next priority on your list, while continuing with the first. Keep doing this until you are juggling all 14 components and your health is thriving. Once you reach this point you can rewrite your list and continue on with your journey.

1) Self   2) Body   3) Community   4) Universe

Step # 4 – To get the most from this program, these 3 books are recommended; Mastering the Universe & Optimum Health – Volumes I & II  and Cleansing with the Seasons. All 3 of them will cost you about $30 total including shipping. Think if it as the best $30 you will ever spend on preventing disease and learning how to achieve your goals.

Alright, so you’ve defined what health is for you, you’ve got your program, you’ve got your weakest links and what to focus on, now its time to commit to the journey towards YOUR optimum health.

Using your priority list, choose from the tools below and all over the site, and prepare to see a NEW YOU in the mirror very soon.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy them, and most of all, I hope you apply them.


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Vitals & Risk Factors

Vital Tests & Statistics you should know

Exercise & Movement

How to create a fitness routine

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How to maximize your workouts

How to combat SITTING

Pain & Dysfunction Cycle

The HEALING process


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Fitness, Ego & Vanity

Health vs. Fitness

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The 5 Stages to Enlightenment

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