Thanks again for working with my foot/ankle.  You saved the day!  I never would have been able to complete the run without your great work!

~ Linda

“I no longer need the support of a walker and cane as I did in the first postoperative months, and have been able to undergo walks in excess of 5 miles up hill. My neurosurgeon is amazed at my progress and no longer considers me a back patient….I highly recommend Chris Hallford to you.”

~ Janet

My shoulder is doing fabulous. It hasn’t felt this good for at least three years and you deserve all the credit. It gets stronger every time I do the exercises you showed me. You’re a miracle worker and I think you should run for King or Grand Puba or something. I’ll definitely vote for you.
~ Jerry

‘Chris was very helpful in helping me to overcome some chronic pain issues.  He is truly the pain detective and seems to magically know which spots to work on.  I got significant relief from my chronic neck and upper back pain.  I would send all my patients to him if I could! ”

~ Marsha Nunley, MD
San Francisco Preventative Medical Group

Chris is truly amazing. The nickname “magic fingers” does not do him justice! His compassion and sincere desire to make his clients live without pain is evident in his touch. He not only look at the physical problem but considers how lifestyle and attitude play a role. He is a healer–from the inside out. I immediatley felt better after working with him–I wish his office was closer!

~ Jae Berman
Owner of Jae Berman Nutrition &
Clinical Dietician for the UCSF Medical Center

I injured my hamstring in the Fall of 2006, and my distance running had become painful and racing difficult. Chris’ advice, training and muscle therapy lead to my full recovery. I set a new Personal Best time for the half marathon distance in March, and in April, 2007 I was able to compete in the Boston Marathon, fast enough to qualify for Boston in 2008. I could not have done this without Chris, and I recommend him to all my running partners.
~ Kirk
Boston Marathoner

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Hallford for just over two years. He has been my physical fitness trainer and muscle specialist. Before this time I sustained a debilitating back injury which required disk surgery. After my surgery I was left with a right lower leg that had very little sensory nerve function and was wrought with muscle spasms.

Chris designed and implemented a custom program of gentle exercise and skeletal muscular bodywork techniques that allowed me to regain the majority of the feeling in my right leg. I no longer need the support of a walker and cane as I did in the first postoperative months, and have been able to undergo walks in excess of 5 miles up hill. My neurosurgeon is amazed at my progress and no longer considers me a back patient.
Chris is an excellent trainer and muscle specialist; a personable and considerate professional who never stops until he has accomplished what he has set out to do. Chris has an inner drive to deliver the best results in a caring manner. I highly recommend Chris Hallford to you.
~ Janet

Chris helps you realize that it’s doing the little things consistently that make all the difference in your overall well being. He’s got me thinking about everything I do during the day. Less time sitting at the computer. More walking. Using better posture when lifting things and always being aware of my core to keep centered and balanced. Now my back hurts less, I’m sleeping better and I have more energy to keep up with my two young children. Thanks Chris!


If you’re looking for a means to become a stronger runner in the comfort of a genuinely supportive team and a knowledgeable leader, this is the place. Chris really is top notch in his understanding of the mechanisms of the anatomy. You won’t regret it

Runner’s Only Boot Camp Participant

Great place to workout and get in good shape for running. I have personally seen the advantages of working out with Chris and have become stronger, faster and injury free. I would highly recommend everyone who is interested in running any distance should have a session with Chris to chalk out a plan. He is really helpful and a wonderful friend who can be trusted for good advice on running.

~ Anshul
Runner’s Only Boot Camp Participant set a personal best in half marathon by almost 10 minutes!

Chris continues to be THE BEST at assessing my leg and foot issues that stem from my marathon training.  I recently came back from running my second marathon with a completely new injury.  After going to Chris I am able to begin running again.  He told me how to take care of my leg for the next few days and  when I should resume activity: how much and at what intensity.  I feel great and my leg is quickly getting back to normal.  I know that I will continue to see Chris when I need to, but what is so great about Chris is that he’s taught me so many different techniques: 1. preventive measures I use daily whether I workout or not and 2. stretches I use after my workouts.  He doesn’t just work on my leg and foot issues, he gives me the tools to help myself.  That is why Chris is the best!

~ CJ 
Team in Training Participant

I began seeing Chris when he worked at Club Sport, and at the time, my frequent upper body work outs would cause neck tension that ultimately caused some migraines. He was able to figure out exactly the source of the  issues. and over a period of two sessions, I was feeling great.

What’s nice about Chris is that he gets a feel of how often he needs to see you and is not after seeing a patient just to make money. He truly is looking out for your health. Another thing that is great is that he will suggest exercises or stretches that will help his client maintain good health.  What is rare about Chris is that he really has a talent and ability to find a patients’ issues quickly, and knows how much to push the physiology to achieve better health without going overboard.

Everyone whom I have recommended see him has had a great experience.


The bottom line is that Chris really, really knows his stuff!!!
Besides being knowledgeable about the human body in general, he’s a master at working out kinks and aches to help you improve your physical performance.  He saved me and helped me be successful in both of my half-marathons!!
And he’s got a good sense of humor, takes time to answer your questions and explain physiology to you so that you can understand what’s going on in your own body.
GO see Chris!!!!  You will not regret it.

~ Theresa

A friend of mine has been training with Chris at Exercise Progression for a while now so I decided to join him for a workout.
Things I really appreciated:
– His ability to notice the smallest of corrections, that would make a big difference in my workout
– The hour flew by, I was constantly challenged both mentally and physically
– These workouts focus on both long and short term results
– Chris does research prior to you showing up. Your workout is customized for your specific goals. He isn’t just giving everyone the same cookie cutter workout.
– He’s a super positive guy and insightful on how to get results you desire

~ Josh Shipp
TV Host of JUMP SHIPP & Author of The Teens Guide to World Domination

Chris Hallford is the most amazing pain management specialist I have tried.

Being a competitive fencer and having disc bulge is not a good combination. Not only did I have pain referring down my hamstrings, gluts, etc because of my back problem.. I was continuously aggravating it with my training.

I was working with chiropractors, deep tissue masseur, acupuncturist and while they were great at alleviating the pain, Chris has been incredible in actually getting rid of my pain and making it stay away.

He has also helped me put together a great workout program so that I can strengthen all the specific muscle groups I need to avoid further injury.

Chris is a born healer, and I definitely recommend him. I even drive all the way down from San Francisco just to see him!

~ Nona Lim
Owner, Cook! SF

I have been working with Chris for approximately 7 years. I have had 3 hip replacements and Chris is the MAJOR reason that I can do what I want to do now.
My favorite activities are hiking, exercise and bike riding. Chris has been an ongoing influence in my life with his exceptional talents. Through his pain release techniques, exercise training and constant coaching, my entire life has been transformed.
~ Joan

Before I began working with Chris, my back would hurt whenever I exercised and then for days afterwards. My MRI showed no structural damage, but I had experienced exercise-induced pain for over a year. I had to stop running as a result of the pain and I couldn’t see how I would ever be able to get back to running races, much less jogging around a track. Even engaging in sports that were supposedly “good” for your back such as yoga and swimming caused me pain.
After 6 weeks working with Chris, I no longer experienced pain after my workouts. After 10 weeks, I no longer experienced pain during my workouts. I am running again (pain free) and I even did a sprint-distance triathlon. Chris has helped me develop a plan to slowly reintroduce my favorite sports into my workout regimen without re-injuring my back.
Chris is a competitive athlete himself who has experienced back injuries and is no stranger to pain. He truly understands what makes injured athletes “tick” and respects their desire to get back into action. Chris has tailored my program to meet my personal goals and always listens to me during our sessions. His gentle and respectful demeanor and unique combination of pain release techniques and therapeutic exercises have been key in getting me back to doing the things I love pain-free. I have recommended Chris to a number of people suffering from back pain and all of them have reported significant reductions in pain and increased mobility. They have been so impressed with their results that they have recommended Chris to others!
~ Vicki

You work wonders!!! I wanted to say “Thank you so much” for relieving the strong pain that I had in my lower back. I feel like a new person and I am able to tie my shoes now. And, I was able to teach my 7 hour class the following day, in high heels mind you, and I was pain free! And, I am still pain free. Over the weekend, I recommended your services to two friends already. I sure hope they follow up because you are definitely worth the visit. And, I can see now why you are so highly recommended. Keep up the great work!
~ Maria

Chris has lead some of the core exercise workouts for Team in Training over the past few years now and he really makes an impact on our runners! His focus on performance and injury prevention help keep our team strong and best yet, educated. His energy and methods are so motivating and unique that people don’t mind the intense butt-kicking workouts he puts them through!

~ Tim Scenone Head Coach South Bay Team in Training

Chris RAAAAWKS! He’s been to our Team In Training Coaches Workouts for several seasons, leading us through a variety of core strength exercises before we run. Though we are a run team, we need to have strong abs & back to compliment strong legs. Chris works on it all! It’s a sight when Chris leads our group of 100+ runners through exercises. He’s the “Pied Piper of fitness.”


 I first met Chris about 3 years ago through Team in Training where his partnership has been invaluable to 100’s of both new and experienced runners. Chris is an amazing teacher who donates both his time and talent to the lucky participants of Team and Training.

~ Meredith

I have been a TNT participant for several years.  I love their workouts and as a fitness professional myself I understand the importance of having a strong core for having better running form.  Chris’ core workouts are an added benefit to the TNT track workouts.  He gives a complete circuit of exercises that targets core strength and stability.  His delivery showcases his knowledge and professionalism – he has a sweet yet tough motivational style that makes you just not hate what he’s having you do.

~ Lisa

“I’ve been turning to Chris for over 5 years as the only person I really trust to get to the heart of any tightness and why it might be there in the first place.  I truly appreciate Chris’ authentically holistic approach to health–not just “fixing what’s wrong” but giving a prescription for long term correction and motivation to incorporate it as regular movement rather than a temporary or short term alteration.  I can’t help telling everyone I know about Chris–because everyone can benefit, in so many ways!”


 You worked on my persistently painful knee, and since we completed the treatments, I have not known one minute of trouble with that knee!   I have thought of you so many times as I have hiked comfortably to my heart’s content and done a full yoga program for years, and I have had such appreciation for your expertise and your beautiful healing Spirit.  Thanks to you, I have not had even a trace of knee pain!


Chris truly works magic!  The combination of his knowledge and techniques has fixed some very painful chronic issues that I have not been able to manage otherwise.  I am physically better off for discovering Chris Hallford and Exercise Progression.


I had a right hip injury in 2000 and finally had arthroscopic surgery in 2003. The procedure went well but the pain never went away. I started working with Chris in 2004 and after a few months I was able to run my first marathon pain free. I just completed yet another marathon a month ago thanks to Chris. I’ve continue to run and see him before and after a race or long training runs. I wouldn’t be able to do this sport that I love if it wasn’t for Chris’s magic hands and the pain they give and take away from my body; only he knows what to do.
I highly recommend Chris to anyone and everyone that suffers from aches and pains.

~ Fernando

 A few years ago I started experiencing debilitating hip and back pain that kept me from competing in triathlons, and, as a trainer and group fitness instructor, limited my abilities greatly. I saw a sports ortho who did x-rays and basically told me to take it easy, stop competing (at only 28!), and take Advil for the pain, that there was no “real” injury. I worked with Chris and had heard great things about his practice, so decided to give him a try. After one 30 minute session, I was pain-free, and even more importantly, was educated on why I was in pain, and how to keep myself pain-free in the future. He’s gotten me through lots of other pain issues over the years, allowing me to continue the work I love!

~ Dawn

 I just recently ran my first marathon in May and all I can say is that I could not have done it without all the help from exercise progression. From core strengthening exercises that helped me run better and faster, to pain release techniques that helped heal my sore musles and injuries…I went to Chris at exercise progression for all my questions and I got real reliable answers that worked!! And, yes in the end I was able to complete all 26.2 miles which may not have been possible without the techniques and exercises from Exercise Progression. I would recommend them to everyone, but especially anyone who has pain or injuries who still want to lead an active and healthy pain-free life.

~ Kelly

I stumbled upon Chris while perusing South Bay running groups. He offered a “Runner’s Boot Camp” twice a week which caught my attention. I decided it was time to enlist some expert help with my not so efficient running skills. In no time at all, my balance & stride were in significantly better shape. It was during my time with Chris that I also learned he was called the Muscle Whisperer. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I had the opportunity to learn how true this statement was first hand when I developed some gnarly leg pains just one month before my first marathon!! Fast forward two therapy sessions and I felt good as new. Chris truly is a master of the muscular system.

In summary:
-Knowledgable, practical treatment and advice
– Fantastic work outs
– Real results, real fast
– Adorable mascot pup (Go Miles!)

 ~ Angela 

 After recognizing limits mostly due to my age, I checked out yelp and called Chris.  I have been now to 10 visits and the results are eye opening.

~ Janice

 A friend of mine has been training with Chris at Exercise Progression for a while now so I decided to join him for a workout.


Things I really appreciated:

– His ability to notice the smallest of corrections, that would make a big difference in my workout

– The hour flew by, I was constantly challenged both mentally and physically

– These workouts focus on both long and short term results

– Chris does research prior to you showing up. Your workout is customized for your specific goals. He isn’t just giving everyone the same cookie cutter workout.

– He’s a super positive guy and insightful on how to get results you desire.


 Chris Halford?!?!…Better known as Jedi Fingers!!!  He has helped me eliminate lower back pain with his holistic and educational approach to trigger point therapy.  He is a master at his art!  I have referred many clients and friends to him and I urge you to do the same!  If you are having chronic everyday pain or have thrown your back out recently I strongly suggest you see Chris immediately!  Thanks Chris for all that you have done for me!!!  Cheers!


Chris at Exercise Progression is a miracle worker!  I have been suffering from lower back pain for many years, after seeing Chris twice… I was pain free!


I started seeing Chris last December after herniating a disc in my lower back (L5-S1) and was desperately trying to reduce my pain and decrease or stop taking pain medication. After about two weeks of seeing Chris I was able to discontinue all prescription pain medication. I have met with Chris a handful of times over the past 6 months and with his guidance and recommendations have experienced about 5 pain free months…which has been priceless. The last time I saw Chris I was having some pain and weakness in my knee…tore my meniscus about 9 years ago and have had two surgeries in addition to having pletela displasia (sp) as a kid and left behind scar tissue…Chris did a tendon massage which was intense and a little painful, but had some amazing results in increasing range of motion and reducing pain by 50%. It’s an understatement to say Chris is good at what he does! His knowledge and expertise is inspirational and life changing. Thank you Chris!


I recently worked with Chris while training for a half marathon in May. I was battling old IT band and knee issues during my training, and needed a way to keep going. Chris’s pain release techniques are amazing. This training did not fix my injury, but rather allowed me to work within the boundaries of my body to achieve my goals. He worked with me to strengthen my core in order to better support my body and take some of the pressure off my knees. His training is specialized to fit your individual needs. I would highly recommend Exercise Progression for everyone looking to further their fitness goals.

~ Marina

I can’t give a higher recommendation to Chris.

He tailor-made a program to get me over my injuries.  Now I am working with him to get me back into playing shape.

His gym is open to clients outside of your session times to keep you working on your individual rehab programs.  He offers group sessions,  individual challenges, and outside programs.

Thanks again, Chris.

~ Doug

Chris is a beautiful blend of wisdom, intuition, practicality, and honesty.  He has helped me in several situations where my love of running got the better me.  Because of his understanding, he is able to not only ease the pain, but also keep you doing what you love to do…pain-free!

In addition, Chris continues to add to his knowledge base and expertise.  His advise and newsletters are filled with tips from diet through lifestyle that can help you follow steps for your optimum health.

I truly believe Chris has a natural gift to tune into a person’s strengths and weaknesses and guide you through what your body and mind most need.

And added joy…his office is a happy place to be!  Kids love it!  Bouncy balls for everyone!

~ Else

Chris helped me with a running imbalance that was causing pain from my right glut, down the side of my thigh, and ending at my knee (similar to ITB syndrome). I knew I was compensating for something and Chris diagnosed the issue. He did his magic and loosened up muscles in my lower back. This released the torque that was making me run with my hips rotated backward on the right hand side. Chris also taught me some corrective stretches and exercises which seem to help. I have been running pain free. Oh, yes. Chris was able to diagnose and fix something that my chiropractor was not able to even after 18 months of see her on a regular basis. Go to Exercise Progression. It is worth it.

~ Rowland

Of all the services I’ve ever had in my life, Exercise Progression was the BEST!   Not just the best sports massage, but the best of any service of any kind.  I can’t compliment them enough, and feel that the 5 star rating that Yelp. allows doesn’t do them justice.

I was injured my first year of attempting a marathon.  I tried several massage therapists; none of them able to help me with my IT Band issues despite months of trying.  Within 2 sessions and less than a week, Chris had me running again.  I have used him on several occasions with a pulled hamstring, a tight hip flexor, and a tweaked calf muscle.  Each time within 1 or 2 sessions I was good to go.  He is simply amazing and I refer to him as “the Muscle Whisperer”.  He truly can feel where the muscle is having a problem and treats the PROBLEM, not the Symptom.

I have several friends who swear by him and I understand why.  I strongly recommend him to anyone with muscle injuries.  There simply is noone better.

~ Bruce

If you’re in need of physical therapy or a personal trainer, this is the place to go in the bay area.  I was recently referred here by my fellow Team in Training team members due to a knee injury. It was keeping me from running the miles I needed to in order to fully prepare for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon in May of this year.  Chris has done wonders for my knee since I started going to him.  He’s given me great pain release techniques, as well as stretching to prevent further injury.  He’s also taught me the correct exercises to do in order to help myself maintain my health.  He’s knowledgeable, pleasant and attentive. I can honestly say I would not have been able to complete the 26.2 miles without his help with my knee injuries.

You’re in good hands here with Chris!

~ Brianna