Welcome to Got Function in Santa Cruz

With over 25 years of experience working on athletes and injured people of all types, Chris can help you get back to your life or sport faster than anyone around, guaranteed. Check out more here.
He does this by using his own techniques and evaluations, combined with:
  • Functional analysis for your sport or injury
  • Hands-on therapy for pain relief and performance
  • Individualized homework with stretches, exercises and more

Come see why Chris has been called “The Running Whisperer,” “The Muscle Whisperer,” “Magic Hands,” “The Witch Doctor” and “The Last Resort.”

PLEASE NOTE: For Santa Cruz appointments, make sure you are on the page that says “Welcome to my Santa Cruz Scheduling System,” as linked above in the rounded blue area, “Schedule Here”.
For now, Tuesdays are the only available day in Santa Cruz.
All other scheduling links on this site are for Chris’ center in Milpitas.

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