Phase 1 Training

Welcome to Phase I

Please read all of this info FIRST. This is everything you need to know before you watch the videos and start your workouts. Without this information, the videos here are just another bunch of exercises.

Below is your key, the first phase in a SYSTEM that will take you to your highest physical potential. Follow it, and I promise that you will get further than you ever imagined.










  • 1. Stabilize
  • 2. D. Warm-up
  • 3. TBC
  • 4. CORE
  • 1. Move it!
  • 2. Stretch
  • 3. C.A.’s


  • 1. Stabilize
  • 2. D. Warm-up
  • 3. TBC
  • 4. CORE

1. Move it!
2. Stretch
3. C.A.’s

  • 1. Stabilize
  • 2. D. Warm-up
  • 3. TBC
  • 4. CORE
  • 1. Move it!
  • 2. C.A.’s

3. S/C circuits


TBC = total body circuit*
C.A. = corrective exercises
D. Warm-up = dynamic warm-up
Move it! = cardio, sports, hiking, etc.
S/C circuits = stretch + CORE circuits
CORE = core circuits

*There are 6 levels of TBC in Phase I.

Begin with level 1 and work your way up to level 6. How quickly you progress to level 6 depends on your initial exercise ability.

The following example is an ideal TBC workout for someone who already works out at a moderate level:





Weeks 1 & 3

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Weeks 2 & 4

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

If you are a beginner, you may need to repeat a level instead of advancing immediately to the next.

Each level will challenge you with exercises that progress you according to the following variations;

Level 1 - 2 arms/2 leg/stable surface
Level 2 - 1 arm/2 leg/stable surface
Level 3 - 2 arms/1 leg/stable surface
Level 4 - 2 arms/2 legs/unstable surface or with movement
Level 5 - 1 arm/2 legs/unstable surface or with movement
Level 6 - 1 arm/2 legs/unstable surface or with movement, all with a twist at the end


Regular Workout Flow - (M/W/F - 45-60 minutes)



  • Combine each of the components (as suggested above in the weekly calendar) into one smooth and continuous workout. For example, on Monday, start with the stabilizer video, then move onto the dynamic warm up, 2 total body circuits, and finally 2 CORE circuits.
  • Take as little rest as possible between exercises and circuits. The goal here is maintaining a fast, controlled and steady pace, not intense weight lifting.
  • This phase is 4 weeks minimum, and you must properly perform the level 6 TBC, the last level in Phase I, at a moderate speed and resistance  in order to progress to phase II. The warm-up and stabilizer videos are organized as upper, lower and total body. This does not pertain to phase I because every workout has a total body focus, so therefore you can choose whichever (upper, lower or total body) you like.
  • Although stretching is not mentioned on the M/W/F routine, it is always a good idea to stretch everyday or almost everyday. Unless you are blessed with extreme flexibility, stretching is key to not only your performance, but also your recovery and overall well being.
  • The amount of times per week for each workout is a maximum recommendation, so if you are new to this and it seems like too much, then start with only 2x per week instead of 4, or whatever sounds right for you. Just know that the greatest benefits will come once you get up to the maximum recommendation. Work your way up slowly, with baby steps anything is possible.



  • Maintain the following intensities by % of MHR (max heart rate) for the TBC & CORE portions of the workout.

Beginner – 60-70%      Intermediate – 65-75%      Advanced – 70-85%

  • Control your body weight up to a moderate speed in all planes of motion and with all types of movements, including; push, pull, back bend, side bend, front bend, squat, lunge, twist, jump, land, accelerate, decelerate, and combinations of movements.
  • Perform a level 6 TBC efficiently at the end of 4 weeks so that Phase II can be started.


Phase I Component Guidelines

(click here for full descriptions)


Activation exercises designed to balance posture and joints - choose 1 video per workout.

Dynamic warm-up
Should warm and prepare the body for whatever type of workout you are about to perform - choose 1 video per workout.

Total Body Circuit
Choose 2-4 circuits for each workout - choose 2-4 videos per workout.

Choose 2-4 circuits for each workout - choose 2-4 videos per workout.

Stretch + CORE Circuits
4-6 bodyweight  circuits alternating between 4 CORE (flex/side bend/twist/extend) exercises and 2 stretches - choose 4-6 videos per workout.

Move it!
Just move baby, that's it. Pick something you like that keeps your body active and do it for at least 30 minutes. 

Also used as a cool-down, these stretches target all the major muscle groups and should be done daily to optimize your health and performance - do all major body parts each time

Corrective Actions
These exercises are what will keep your body balanced and able to constantly exercise high intensities without injuring yourself - depending on your aches and pains, do one or all of the corrective videos. See below for more details.

Foam Roll
Get ready for the most powerful self-massage tool ever, the foam roll. This is how you will keep your muscles supple and injury free.