How to Look Like an Athlete

If you’re an athlete, then you already look like one – and if you’re not an athlete, but want to look like one, then you better start training like one.

Okay, that’s pretty simple, right? Nope.

What’s complicated here is figuring out exactly what an athlete looks like and if it’s even the desired look you’re going for.

Most people seem to think that athletes have the best bodies, but a photo shoot and book of various Olympic-level athletes and weight lifters by Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein titled “The Athlete”, has shown us that not all athletes look like “athletes” and some of them can look downright out of shape and couch potato-ish, even though they are the best in their sport.

So what’s the point of this info? To let you know that you could be wasting precious time and efforts on a workout routine that is giving you a body you won’t even like!

Now the question becomes, “do I want to look good, or perform well at X?” Because, these two results are not often related, especially if your X is an endurance event.

Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike

Above is the “World’s Most Ripped Fitness Model”- Obi Obadike. Obi would get his butt kicked by arguably the greatest tennis player to ever live, Roger Federer (see image below), in a tennis match. But whose body would you want? Or would you rather have the skills of Roger? Hmmmmm….choices choices….cause you ain’t gettin’ both.

Image result for roger federer shirtless

If performance in X is your thing, then seek out how to train for that and go get it, but don’t be disappointed with your body if you choose darts or endurance training as your main sport.

If esthetics, basic strength and fitness are your thing, then seek how to train for it and go get it! Just know that nutrition is HUGE for esthetic-based results.

Also know this: excelling in BOTH of those results (looks AND performance) is predominantly a genetic thing (based on observation, not scientific fact), like T.O. below.

Image result for terrell owens shirtless shirtless

In Summary

1) If you want to LOOK like a fitness model, then you better act like one, which means following a strict diet and WEIGHTlifting routines (not cardio routines). Go here for an example of how they do it.

2) If you want to excel in a sport or activity, then master it by imitating what the pros do in that arena.

3) If you want to look like a fitness model AND play like Roger Federer, then you better move to a different planet because that type of muscular body hurts tennis players and other specialty athletes on this planet, given our unique gravity forces here on earth. Just ask Rafael Nadal about his injuries when he was heavier and had a more muscular body.

4) If you want the BEST way to get the body you’ve always wanted, then you must learn to LOVE your Self and accept YOU for who YOU are, inside and out. Then you will have an attitude like plus size model Tara Lynn.