Snack List for Athletes and Active People

If you are an athlete or someone who stays active and works out daily, your body requires more than just three meals per day. Healthy snacks help you sustain your energy throughout the day and replace losses after a hard workout. Athletes especially need the extra calories and nutrition to support training. When choosing snacks, select those that meet your nutritional needs and that provide nutrients lacking in your diet.

*Always pay attention to the top allergy foods to see if wheat, corn, eggs, dairy, cheese and nuts upset your stomach or give you a lot of gas or bloating. This may mean that your stomach is not very tolerant of a food and it may be causing more harm (waste products and toxins) than good.

*Write down which items you like and go make/get them.

*Make sure you eat snacks at the right time for your activities so you can properly use nutrition for fuel and recovery.