Healthy Drink

Image of Aloe Vera Plant

We have an aloe vera plant with leaves that were definitely in need of some TLC. The leaves were getting way too long and heavy and were requiring some additional support just to hold them up.  Since we haven’t had a need to cut any of the leaves to relieve any skin issues such as sunburn, rashes or burns, we decided we would make our own aloe juice.  I’ve never had aloe juice before and frankly, the thought of downing the thick, goopy gel made my stomach churn just a bit.

I did my research on how to make aloe vera juice as well as the health benefits of consuming the pulp.  My attitude about drinking the aloe changed once I discovered just how much of a super foodthe aloe really is and that I could make a juice with fruits to make it more palatable.  Take a peek at the top ten health benefits of drinking aloe vera juice;

  1. healthy digestion
  2. detox
  3. natural immune support
  4. reduce inflammation
  5. collagen and elastin repair for healthy skin
  6. regulates weight and energy levels
  7. daily dose of vitamins and minerals
  8. amino acids
  9. dental health
  10. superior to nutritional supplements

To get the pulp from the leaves, I cut the leaf in half lengthwise and scraped out the gel using a spoon.  I blended the gel with my immersion blender to create a smooth consistency. Then I extracted the juice from one lemon, a few apples and a pear.

I added the aloe vera gel to my fruit juice concoction and let’s just say I haven’t acquired a taste for aloe yet.  It’s difficult to describe but aloe has a bit of a pungent, bitter taste.  Sometimes I need to remind myself to focus more on the health properties that certain foods have to offer and not so much on the flavor.  But I will still be drinking the juice and loving every drop because I know that it’s good for me.

Here’s to HEALTH!