Healthy Cookware

Co-Author Kim Noble

I don’t think I am the only one overwhelmed with the selection of cookware out there.  We’re in the process of buying new cookware so I’ve been doing some research.  I came across many articles about Teflon and other non-stick brands that give off toxic chemicals and obviously pose a health danger for humans and animals. I’ve heard about the leaching of metals into our food when using aluminum, stainless steel and even copper. (Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease may be attributed to aluminum?)

Not all of us have the money to ditch our current inventory of pots and pans and replace them with Le Creuset’s porcelain enamel set or Dr. Mercola’s.

So here’s my solution-click here and use this guideline on how to best care for your pots and pans if they should happen to be made out of aluminum or stainless steel.  Then go through your entire inventory of pots and pans and you will most likely discover you don’t use every piece in your kitchen cabinet. How many of us actually need a 20+ piece cookware set? It’s just taking up space in our kitchen cabinets. The ones you do use often, replace those with suggestions in this article titled “Healing with Food” by Rebecca Wood.