Healthy Dinners

*Try to find as many organic options as possible.

** needs a thermos or to be heated


  1. Scalloped potatoes (add ham or sausage, serve with veggies)
  2. Hash and eggs (all types, include my turkey, add an egg or two)
  3. Twice baked potatoes and meat with veggies
  4. Bean, bacon and butternut squash soup
  5. Curry chicken and sweet potato stew
  6. Healthy fried chicken (serve with mashed potatoes with veggies)*
  7. Coconut oil fried fish, sweet potato fries and veggies
  8. Steak and potatoes and veggies
  9. Ginger orange drumsticks
  10. Tacos – veggie  fish chicken beef beef or shrimp
  11. Ginger chicken
  12. Bacon and sweet potato turkey burgers
  13. Beef stew
  14. Italian shredded beef
  15. Liver burgers
  16. Sausage-stuffed acorn squash
  17. Ice cream (That’s right! Homemade ice cream is healthy and well balanced. Every once in a while it’s the perfect dinner!)
  18. Chili Colorado (serve with beans, rice and or tortillas and veggies)
  19. Roast Chicken Provencal (serve with potatoes and veggies)
  20. Fish Soup
  21. Stuffed bell peppers….more here
  22. Spaghetti squash and meat sauce and more
  23. Meatball soup
  24. Enchiladas chicken beef or shrimp
  25. Taco salad
  26. Chicken chili
  27. Spanish paella
  28. Chorizo Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms & Chickpeas
  29. Quiche
  30. Egg noodles and chicken curry sauce
  31. Lamb kabobs and yogurt
  32. Shepherds pie
  33. Risotto recipes
  34. Meatballs  meatballs and meatballs
  35. Frittata’s
  36. Lentil soup w yogurt
  37. Slow cooker pulled pork tacos
  38. Chicken chili verde with tomatillos and butternut squash
  39. Mustard chicken with twice baked potatoes and veggies
  40. Roasted red pepper soup with mini meatballs
  41. Meatloaf and meatloaf and moatloaf
  42. Zucchini chicken breast alfredo
  43. Pecan and goat cheese crusted chicken
  44. Maple balsamic salmon
  45. Veggie turkey burgers
  46. Hot Chinese mustard chicken thighs, wrapped in collard greens
  47. Creamy red shrimp and tomato curry
  48. Chili-cilantro-lime crock pot chicken
  49. Turkey burger lettuce wrap and veggies
  50. Stir fry tofu, veggies and rice
  51. Sushi rolls
  52. Pho soups
  53. Creamy red shrimp and tomato curry
  54. Portabella chicken sandwich with sweet potato chips
  55. Steak salads chicken salads, and shrimp salads

Dinner Sides

  1. Rice
  2. Baked potatoes
  3. Twice baked potatoes
  4. Mashed potatoes n Stuff** (either boil and mash, or bake and scoop out and mash with butter, adding shredded skins too. Then add caramelized onions, mushrooms, garlic, paprika, salt, meat, chili and sour cream or cheese
  5. Zucchini manicotti
  6. Mexican rice
  7. Refried beans
  8. Sweet potato and white beans 
  9. Roasted squash soup w beans, could add sausage or meat
  10. Tortillas
  11. Veggies
  12. Quinoa
  13. Whole beans