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Got Function is run by and was founded by Chris Hallford, also known as "The Muscle Whisperer" to his clients, who took himself from extreme pain to high levels of performance in sports and life, PAIN FREE!  He is best known for getting to the root causes of pain and dysfunction while designing evidence-based programs that keep the problems away.

This is Chris Hallford’s real story...

Training and Accolades:

  • 1990 Junior National Swimmer

  • 1994 Junior Olympics Water Polo

  • 1998 Apprenticeship with Acupuncturist and sports performance specialist, focusing on trigger point therapy and posture analysis

  • 1999-2008 Certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist specializing in post-rehab at Club Sport of Fremont California

  • 2002-2004 Head of post-rehabilitation and muscle therapy for Chiropractic clinic, specializing in spinal rehabilitation, post-surgery and post MUA (manipulation under anesthesia), Fremont California

  • 2004 Became a Medical Exercise Specialist certified by the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals (AAHFRP)

  • 2007 Director of  Exercise Progression, San Jose California

  • 2007 Founder of  The National Institute of Health Specialists Inc.

  • 2008 Presenter for The WAC Academy

  • 2008 Pain Management Specialist for The Center for Optimum Health, a functional medicine clinic in San Francisco California

  • 2008 Published first book; Exercise Progression, Low Back Disorders – A Professional’s Manual, which received great praise from some of the industry’s leaders and can be found on Amazon and ptonthenet

I started having severe low back pain at age 14, for no apparent reason. I was an active kid who swam and played water polo at high levels. Then life as I knew it, changed forever. For the next four years I had excruciating pain in my low back and down my right leg, and for four years after that a chronic “dull” pain. This pain was debilitating to say the least. My nickname in high school was “fidget.” I could not sit still to save my life because the pain was so great. No matter what I did the pain would not go away. I was taking so many aspirin and anti-inflammatory pills it’s a wonder my stomach still functions. It also changed my demeanor from nice to irritable.

Thankfully I had a mom who would do anything to make me feel better, thanks mom. I saw every specialist you could think of; chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, orthopedic specialists, general doctor, podiatrist, and the list goes on. Nobody could help me or even figure out what was wrong!

Until one year later when I was referred to someone by a friend. At this point I was about to give up and considered this person a last resort. As he found muscle imbalance after muscle imbalance and dysfunction, I realized he was very different. He was not focused on classifying me as a “spondylolisthises”, “disc bulge”, “degeneration” or any of the other names that would scare most people, especially a 15 year old. He simply focused on the parts of my body that were not functioning properly, and then one by one corrected them with exercises and trigger point release techniques.

What kept running through my head was “why doesn’t anybody else do this?” It’s non-invasive, has no side effects, and can last forever. I had seen so many “specialists” that didn’t find anything but scary classification after scary classification. And you know what? I still wonder why our medical system doesn’t focus on posture and function. This is when the seed was planted in my head that I wanted help people in pain take control of their lives without medication or depending on others.

The beauty of this method is that it made me feel good about myself because I wasn’t labeled with some disorder or made a dependent of the medical system’s treatment plan. It empowered me to help myself through exercises and lifestyle modifications. This was the most important step in getting rid of my pain; I was now in charge. If I did my exercises and got my body in better balance, a pain free life was awaiting me.

This seems too simple, I know. But after working with this man and learning how to live without pain, I was so intrigued I ended up studying with him for a few years and learning his philosophy and techniques. And you know what? I have been using them on my clients for over 10 years now and this stuff really works!

My passion now is bringing this same physical freedom to you and as many people as I can, including the health care system. Learning to be in charge of my pain was the single most powerful thing I have learned in life. Whether you simply want to get rid of your pain or compete at high levels with less pain and increased function, you can do it by getting back to the basics; good posture and function.

If you would like to learn how to get rid of your pain for good, please feel free to ask me some questions about your situation.

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