Dimension # 2 – Universe


There is 1 component to the Universe:

1. The Laws

You can learn all about each Law in the books.

– All knowing and wise
– Mother nature
– Morals
– Gifts
– Divine
– Born with/develop/keep
– Interconnectedness
– Tools to improve Self

Here is where one plugs into for spiritual growth. This is the indescribable and undeniable energy that grows within a person and begs to come out whenever wisdom is needed. Some call it God, Buddha, the Source, the Divine, the Universe, Collective Consciousness and many more. No matter what it’s called, it has all the power anyone could ever need to accomplish everything possible.

This is what holds us all together and allows us to feel love and empathy for a complete stranger in the right circumstance.
Tapping into this power is what creates miracles, brings about wisdom and helps people reach their potential in every meaning of the word. The Universe has all the tools one could hope for on a righteous journey, and it is so willing to give them out.

The universe is so powerful that Volume II is entirely dedicated to it.