Dimension # 4 – Self


There are 5 components to the Self:

1. Virtue 2. Spirituality 3. Social Relationships 4. Rejuvenations 5. Mission

You can learn all about them in the books.

– Primary source of health and true happiness
– A healthy Self is the key to happiness and success for all other dimensions of  health
– Morals and virtues
– Mental, emotional & spiritual
– Social skills
– Egoless
– Contemplation
– Divine
– Peace and fulfillment
– Born with/develop/keep
– Interconnectedness
– Divine powers and gifts

Some people never make it to this dimension, mostly because they are so busy achieving and accumulating things in their community and for their body. This is not to say that focusing on the body and community are bad, but…
…without a strong foundation of knowing who one’s Self really is, all efforts and results are superficial, short lived, and unfulfilling. 

An equation to live by is M + E + S = P
Mental + Emotional + Spiritual = Physical

This means that the physical body is the sum of its mental, emotional and spiritual qualities. In other words, the roots create the fruits and one’s inner world creates their outer world.
This also means that focusing on the physical body will not improve one’s Self, in fact it usually distracts from the areas that need the most attention.

Whoever reads this book is at least somewhat interested in reaching their highest potential, and if that is the case, then enriching the Self  first is the best way to fully enjoy one’s efforts and achievements. On this path is where one finds peace, contentment and the ability to attract the right job and friends while creating the most amazing environment to live in.

There is a catch regarding the journey to one’s true Self, which explains why many people unconsciously stay away from it; this journey is full of pain and suffering and can take many lifetimes to achieve clarity.

It is a kind of struggle that is full of unknowns, inner demons, hopelessness, confusion, and everything else associated with unlearning countless habits and thoughts one has believed to be true, and then rebuilding one’s Self up from scratch, with their own efforts.
Now why would anyone want to go through all that?? Because of a deep, deep feeling inside of them that cannot and will not be satisfied with any amount of money or external achievements. The only way to fulfill this burning desire is to embark on a journey of Self-discovery.

So while it may seem best to focus on fitness, nutrition, sleep patterns and finding a good job, none of these do anything to improve who a person truly is or how they interact with the world on a deeper level. And no matter how amazing they become at these non-Self acts, there will still be something missing that causes them to accumulate more things, until they realize that their authentic Self is what they are chasing and trying to get in touch with.

Try making your Self a priority and letting all of the other components fall into place behind the direction of what you find in your Self.